Nantucket Skin
Walked in and was taken right away. When she was done, my eyebrows looked amazing. I own a skin care business and a salon and I was very impressed. I don't understand what the bad reviews are about, I'm very picky because I'm in the salon industry, and I thought these girls were great. I just wish I was closer, I would get them done more often.
Rochelle Tobey
First time visiting, so I was a little nervous going and giving her a blank canvas to work with (meaning) my eyebrows where fully grown in do to Covid-19🙄 She did FANTASTIC 👏 job! With shaping my eyebrows to fit my face. I will be a returning customer! SATISFIED..😉😁⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Alexandra Hajjar
SSheeza did an amazing job took me right at 7 and I was out within 2 mins! I get mine done like every 6 months because I like them thick as I have very blond hair and it’s difficult to see she listened to what I wanted and they look great!
Yanni P
The only place that I go to get my brows done! Very professional staff
Kivia Defaria
I love!
Natasha Sweeney
I’m not sure what this other person is talking about. This place is the BEST. It’s soooo affordable and they do a great job. I ALWAYS have great conversations when I go in there even though I’m there for a short period of time. If you walk in with a stuck up attitude expecting people to kiss your butt like that....don’t expect anyone to be nice to you anywhere. Give respect and get respect. And who the heck needs a FREE SERVICE WHEN THEY ARE SO CHEAP!?!?!? I drive an hour JUST to get my brows done here and will continue to do so. I LOVE the staff and I LOVE the great job they do. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Jahkari Barbel
AMAZING customer service! I totally recommend this place!